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Upgrade your Air Freshener


Enhance Your Atmosphere

Improve the air quality of your car and appearance at the same time

Designed To Last

Crafted from the finest of materials to ensure longevity and reduce the need for frequent replacements. Just clip and enjoy!

Stay Fresh and Enjoy the Ride

Choose adorable designs to add a unique touch to your car

Effectively freshens the air in your car with a variety of scents

Compact size that fits easily on any shape or sized vents

Made of quality materials for durability

The beautiful packaging is perfect for giving gifts to friends and family



Can pilot air fresheners clip onto vertical vents?

Our bear pilot car air freshener is suitable for all vent clips on any vehicle. You can place it in all directions from a different angle.

How long does one tablet last?

The fragrant tablets provided by the product last for about 6 months. Fragrances can be purchased separately.

Is this bear pilot car air freshener suitable for gift giving ? Can it be placed in the car as decoration?

Yes, Our bear pilot car air freshener comes with exquisite packing, suitable for presenting to anyone for use and decoration. Best gift choice and interior decoration in the car.

Do you have a detailed instruction manual?

Our bear pilot car air fresheners 5-pack includes: exquisite box*1, pilot*1, freshener tablet*2, instruction manual*1.Welcome to buy.

What smell does it come with?Cologne, Vanilla, Ocean and Jasmin.


Product Description


Product specifications: 6.2cm*6cm*5.3cm

Material: ABS/PP

Packing list: aviator *1 + fragrant slices *2 + instruction manual *1

Weight: 70g


Product specifications: 7.5cm*5.5cm*6.5cm

Material: ABS/PP

Packing list: aviator *1 + fragrant slices *1 + instruction manual *1

Weight: 20g

fragrant slices Net weight per piece: 4 (g)

fragrant slices Shelf life: three years


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