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🎁 Ideal for collection as a gift for your friends, family.

Classic antique model, handmade brass, visual kerosene tank, this model can clearly see how much fuel there is, the material is brass, the surface of the fuselage does not have any coating.Β 

🎁Classic design πŸ”₯Classic antique round shape combined with nautical elements, this lighter will make you outstanding any time you take it out.

🎁Handmade with super quality πŸ”₯The lighter is handmade with durable brass and watch glass, superior workmanship.

🎁Transparent Fuel Tank πŸ”₯The fuel tank is made of the watch glass, you can clearly see how much fuel is there.

🎁Retro πŸ”₯The lighter is made of brass with no coating on the surface. Oxidation and scratches caused by daily use will make the lighter full of retro flavor.


Material:Β Pure copper

Weight:Β 0.29 pounds.

Fill:Β Liquid/standard lighter kerosene(Not in include)

Size: As shown


1 Γ— Transparent kerosene lighter

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